This eye cream was kindly sent to me a while ago, and I've been using it for a few months now so it's high time I reviewed it.

Long story short, I don't like it and I've had to assign it to the overnight spot because I don't feel that it does enough for my eyes to be used in the day/night position. 

While I did try it as my everyday cream, I found that my eyes became uncomfortably dry very quickly - so I ended up putting it on the bedside table because I think it works to seal in other products but it doesn't do much else for me personally. More on that below.

Zelens claims/product details:
  • A state-of-the-art, moisturising eye cream with targeted triple action
  • Powered by a proprietary complex of high-tech ingredients and soothing botanical extracts
  • Helps visibly reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Works instantly to soothe and revitalise the eye area
  • Eye area looks luminous and more lifted
  • Signs of fatigue and ageing around eyes are visibly diminished 
  • To use: apply morning and evening around eye area after cleansing, using gentle circular motions
  • RRP $125 AUD for 15ml, but do shop around

I've used two other Zelens products in my time and one of them blew my socks off (the 3t Complex Essential Anti-ageing Cream, reviewed here), while the other one - the Transformer Instant Renewal Mask (reviewed here) - did absolutely nothing for me.

I therefore came to use this cream with only mild hope because my high hopes had been dashed when I tried the mask - expecting brilliance after using the 3t cream and being sorely disappointed - so I wasn't expecting too much with this eye cream and indeed I didn't get much. 

Perhaps Zelens just isn't for me. Not a bad thing when you consider the price of its products!


This cream hasn't done anything for me and I don't recommend it, but at least I've found some use for it so all is not lost.

Worth noting now is that it's had mixed reviews online. The reviews on MakeupAlley (see here) are polarised, with some people saying that it's a complete waste of money and others singing its praises.

Funnily enough, both Caroline Hirons and Ruth Crilly have raved about this product (see here and here respectively), and although I almost always agree with both of their skincare recommendations, in this case I really don't. Let me explain.

It's a cloudy white, gel-ish product that's super heavy on the silicones so it has that slippery texture that you might associate with a blurring, pore-plugging makeup primer. It has a light, fresh and inoffensive scent that I don't mind, but I would test this first if you prefer your skincare to smell like nothing because the scent does linger on the skin and I can smell it for a while after use.

My biggest issue with this product is that it does absolutely nothing for hydration. Yes I have dry skin so I need something with more punch, but I've seen others with normal skin complain about this aspect so it's obviously not just a problem for those of us who need more nourishment.

I also don't like that it sits on top of the skin, rather than sinking in and delivering moisture where I need it most - which isn't surprising given the silicone-feel and the fact that it does nothing for nourishing my dry eye area - but I really want to drill in the point that this is a 'window dressing' kind of product in my opinion and it doesn't run the hard yards.

Indeed, within 48 hours of using this as my day and night eye cream, my eyes became so uncomfortably dry that I had to send it to the overnight spot for use only as a 'sealer' to whack over a more moisturising eye cream.

I then used it in the overnight spot for a couple of months before trying it again as my day/night cream, once the weather became warmer and my skin became less dry. Same problem. My eyes dried out and looked and felt awful. 

Back it went to the overnight 'sealer' spot. Sure I think it helps seal in my other eye cream, but do I really want to drop $125 on something I could ask of a more affordable product? That'd be a resounding no.

Overall I don't think this is a good eye cream and I don't recommend it. All it really does is blur the look of fine lines a little (so it's a good one to apply before makeup, perhaps over a more moisturising cream if you need the added hydration like I do), but as I said, that's just window dressing and you can find a cheap primer to do that for you so I wouldn't waste your money on this.

Over-priced and under-performing.

Hello and welcome to my next Project Dent update for the year.

I'm not going to waste too much time talking about this palette because you can no longer buy it, but suffice to say that it's my favourite eyeshadow palette of all time. 

Not only do I love the ABH formula, but I also love the colours in this particular palette. And while I do own the Modern Renaissance, I find that this is the palette I reach for when it comes to everyday looks, while the MR is the one I tend to use when I'm going out. 

Indeed, if ABH ever brought this palette back, I can tell you now that I would absolutely buy it again.

Below is how my palette looked two weeks ago, when I started denting it:

So you'll be able to see that the opening shot above shows a lot more movement in the palette, but let's look at the enhanced (for clarity) shots so you can better-see progress:

Here's how my palette looked 2.5 weeks ago, when I introduced it to Project Dent:

And here's how it's looking now, after 2.5 weeks of daily use:

I can definitely see good movement, and I must say, I was surprised that I didn't hit pan in Hollywood (top left) because that's the shade with the biggest dip and I've heard that these shadows are very easy to pan.

Let's have a closer look at each half of the palette.

Here's the left side as it was two weeks ago:

And here's how it's looking now:

Now for enhanced shots, so you can better-see progress.

Below is the left side of the palette, as it was 2.5 weeks ago:

And here's how it's looking now: 

So, you should be able to see changes in the surface of all three shimmer shadows (top row), and Hollywood is showing the biggest change although there's a nice little dip happening in Kim now too.

I wasn't expecting Hollywood to be the shade that I used most in the denting period - it somehow just turned out that way - and because I normally use a small pencil or accent brush in this particular shade, that's why I've been able to concentrate my use of the shadow in a small area.

As for the mattes (bottom row), Lula is definitely showing the most progress of the three - which doesn't surprise me because I use that just about every time I use this palette. Reason being, many of the shimmers are quite warm so I feel the need to use something cooler to pull back the warmth of the look. Indeed, if I could make any change to this palette, it would be to swap out one of the golds and replace it with another cooler matte shade, one that's darker than Lula but not too dark. What about a dusty, rosy plum?

Both Isabel and Violeta have had some good use during the denting period, but I use larger brushes in those so we're not seeing the same kind of concentrated progress that we're seeing with Lula.

As for the right side of the palette, here's how it looked 2.5 weeks ago:

And here's how it's looking now:

Now for enhanced shots.

Right side of the palette, 2.5 weeks ago:

And here's how it's looking now:

So, you should be able to see dents in all six shades on this side of the palette, which isn't surprising because they all make good lid colours and I've used them all a few times each over the denting period.

Paris and Marina are showing the most progress, which makes sense because they're the most neutral of the six so they're great for everyday wear.

One thing I learned over the last two weeks is that I really love the shade Claudia, which I wasn't expecting because I'm not huge on blue eyeshadow - but this one has a little green in it so it looks more teal on me (teal being my favourite colour of all time, whether we're talking about clothes, makeup or anything else) - and the less I use, the more teal it looks because I have strong yellow undertones in my skin. Love.

In sum

That's all from me!

I guess the only other thing to note is that I don't plan to bring in any more items to Project Dent until the new year (keeping in mind that I'm currently denting two Burberry blushes) for the simple reason that I'm planning to kick off Pan that Palette 2018 on or around the 20th of December. I'm doing this to separate it from Project Pan and Project Dent so that I don't find myself swimming in updates around the middle and end/start of each month, which was one of the issues I had this year.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x
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