This hand cream came from Maslow & Co's French Edit (unboxed here) and I'm at the point now where I've almost finished it so I really need to review it.

Also, while we're talking Maslow and if you're wondering, I did receive the latest box last week and photographed it straight away, it's just that with my husband going away for four days last week, then coming back for two days, then leaving again for another four days on business, it's only been me here with a sick baby and toddler (they're both teething too, just my luck), so I'm barely getting the time to do anything and editing photos is slow going - which is why I've been relying on my draft posts and haven't edited the Maslow photos yet.

Anyhoo. Enough preamble. Let's have a look at this product.

Funnily enough, the French box was one of those edits that looked super promising on arrival but turns out I didn't like two of the products at all (the Bright Now Soap and the Nominoë Radiant Hydration Night Mask (reviewed here and here respectively), three of the products were ok but nothing to write home about, and the last two I've really enjoyed but those weren't the ones that struck me the most when I first opened the box.

One of the products I've been loving is indeed this little hand cream (the other one is the shower oil, review coming soon), and I like it enough that I would consider buying more if they go up for sale on Maslow's website.

Institut Karite Paris claims/product details:
  • A silky, quick absorbing cream 
  • Melts effortlessly into your hard-working hands
  • Intensively nourishes, protects and repairs
  • Light and non-sticky texture 
  • RRP $14 AUD for 30ml


This is one of the nicest hand creams I've used in a while, although I've been slow to review it because it's taken me ages to put my finger on why I like it so much - meaning my tube is rolled all the way up now and there's only a quarter left, if that.

A quick comment on the packaging: I love the look of it. I'm glad I got the green version because I love the colour and it's one of those products that I almost didn't want to use because I think the tube is so pretty. Note, though, that when I did the tube roll-up process to push the product up towards the nozzle, the packaging started flaking bits of print and metal all over my fingers. Not a huge issue but this hasn't happened to me before so I thought I'd mention it.

As for the product, it's a lightweight cream that absorbs and spreads well so a little goes a long way and this tube has lasted me over two months now of daily use. I'm glad I got the green version because verbena of course smells all lemony and delicious. I really enjoy the fragrance.

I keep my tube on my bedside and apply it overnight to my dry hands, and I'm pleased to report that it works beautifully for that purpose: not all hand creams are nourishing enough for the 'overnight spot', but this one is and I wake up to silky smooth hands rather than dry ones. Tick.

I also like that the cream doesn't have a greasy after-feel so you could certainly use it during the day if you wanted to. I've only kept it on the bedside table because it's more hydrating than the other hand cream I'm using at the moment, so the latter is the one I've thrown into my handbag for day-use.

On the claims: yes this is silky and quick absorbing; yes it melts effortlessly into your hands; yes it intensively nourishes and I do think it helps protect/repair my dry hands too; and yes it has a light and non-sticky texture.

All in all, I really like this product and it may well make my August favourites list. It's a bit pricey at $14 AUD for only 30ml, but it's definitely a luxe-feeling product and I may just treat myself during Maslow's Christmas sales.


Hello and welcome to another Project Dent post for August.

It's definitely been a 'denting' month for me and this is the third item I've introduced this month - not only because I really want to use and review my powder products, but also because my husband is away again this week for four days (he was last week, too), so Project Dent posts are a good option since the photos have (mostly) already been taken and these posts aren't very long so I've got more chance of squeezing them in between caring for the kids.

So, the above photos are old ones and I may well re-shoot them during the denting period if I have time. I'd like to do that because I need to review this product, so it's a good opportunity to do it.

I've had this product ever since it was released in Australia and while Becca doesn't make my favourite formula for highlighters because these pressed versions can emphasise texture, this particular colour is just beautiful and it's one of my favourite highlighters.

Indeed, you may remember that it made my 2016 favourites (see post here), and here's a photo from that post below that's newer and looks better than the above ones:

While I do have photos of this product from when I first bought it and hadn't touched it yet, those shots look exactly the same as the ones I took yesterday so I'll just give you the new ones.

The product looks untouched not because I haven't used it heaps (I have), but because it's so pigmented and I prefer a natural highlight - meaning I barely touch it with my brush whenever I use it.

Here's how it looks as of today, 18 August 2017:

Same shot, enhanced for clarity:

As you can see, it looks brand new - despite frequent use! That zig-zag across the centre of the pan was there when I bought it, and the only spot I can see some use is in the lower right 'corner' (you'll note that the photo looks a little blurry there because I've worn away the surface a little so the camera wasn't sure how to focus on that area).

My aim is to use this product on both the face and eyes until at least the end of August, and I'll try to work on the centre of the pan so we can finally see some use.

I also hope to review this product over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that if you're interested.

Now, to pack up the pram and drop the kids at childcare...

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x
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